YAMS (Yellow Activity Monitoring System) is the solution to low-cost maintenance, fleet management. It is suitable for use on a wide range of vehicle types. These include heavy plant, earthworks, agricultural, trucking, delivery vehicles and more.
The YAMS system helps to find the answer on how is the mobile assets performing for the company.

The YAMS System for clear complete Assessment and Monitoring of Operating Times

Some vehicles as shown at the left, are subject to being fitted with such monitoring system as YAMS is, for the precise assessment of data of the working times for the real costs that had occurred.

Vehicle-mounted units record precise a range of automatic measurements and manual inputs. This collected data provides accurate fleet, grouped or individual vehicle reporting.  The transfer of the data is either manual or automatically send to its office for processing invoicing.  

The YAMS recording system of working data is in fact producing accurate reports of fleet or vehicle activity data based on Windows PC-based software. The produced reports are shown in spreadsheet and graphically format on the monitor and printouts, based Window PC software.




Activity data is recorded and stored, transferred and processed with little or no human intervention. This means that there is very little chance of data loss, corruption or tempering.

This rugged, electronic system provides a means of easily and accurately monitoring the working patterns of plant, heavy or light vehicles, cars, delivery vehicles or any other mobile equipment.

The recorded data is transferred to the office by manually data gatherer or automatically by telecommunication. A windows based software offers a wide form of monitor reports, tabular as well as graphical format that can be printed and transmitted. The control check on maintenance, repair costs overview. The protocolling of these features can be part of this programme.


Product Group VR903

The VR903 range of Activity Recorders complements the field proven VR272 product line. All VR903 Activity Recorders include:

● Multi-constellation GPS vehicle movement tracking
● Activity recording functionality during standby (engine-off)
● Monitoring of primary and secondary vehicle engines
● External event monitoring
● Manual data download facilities
● Automatic, seamless in-field functionality upgrading
● Rugged, weather-proof and dust-proof construction
● Tamper-proof, encrypted data recorder and transfer
● Ease of installation
● Future-proofed through model upgrade and expansion options

VR903 Activity Recorder model variants and add-on options include:
● Automatic near real-time data reporting, charting and mapping
● Work classification (e.g. type, customer, cost-code, project etc.)
● Operator identification through in-vehicle time-clocking
● Information availability through a large, clear display
● Supplementary user-data entry (e.g. fuel filling, odometer, drilling data)

Cloud-software features include:
● Unified management of multiple vehicle types
● Centralised monitoring of distributed operations and sites
● Supports any mixture of VR272 and VR903 Activity Recorders
● Easy and flexible configuration of fleet vehicle allocations
● A wide range of reports and charts
● Mapping reports including speed, trips/routes, geo-fence monitoring
● Micro and macro data access
● Multi-user access control and configuration audit tracking
● Secure data storage
● Multi-time zone and multi-language capabilities


Because of the introduction of the product range VR903, the data chute as needed for the data gatherer DG1281, became obsolete. With the introduction of VR903 came the Tally-Stick TS153. The interface of the VR903, is now a standard USB.

The product group VR9023 is divided in two groups. The second group is marked with the suffix ´G` and that stands for GSM (global system mobile communication). This means, the recorded data is cloud transmitted at intervals or upon call-off by the responsible office.

Data Sheet VR903MX 

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Activity Recorder VR903MX


All variants of the VR903 group have a standard SUP-D connection as well as a standard USB interface fitted to connect the Tally Stick TS153 for data downloading or uploading.

The VR903 consists of 6 variants that split in 2 groups. The first group are all without GSM. The second group is marked with suffix ´G`, these are able to transmit the data direct into the concerned office. This enables an immediate invoicing.


Data Sheet VR903RXM

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Data Sfeet VR903RMX

The VR903RMX is identically build like VR903MX, except for the addition of a 12 position rotary switch. The 12 positions can allocated to a certain event that is wanted to be recorded.

Each of these positions can be given user-related names like, e. g. work condition, work category, machine breakdown, different work location or customer and more.

All Activity Recorders are equipped with a real time clock, this assures all recorded data is stored time correct. The internal operation is supported by 2 internal batteries.

Download to explain all individual functions of the VR903 range Activity Recorders
Installation Instruction VR903

Product Group VR272

This is the former product group still going strong. Manual downloading of recorded data, working time, idling time, work categories, events and operating inputs. Operates by internal batteries.

VR272 Data Sheet

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Activity Recorder VR272

The unit is self-contained, no external connections are required, and all functions are controlled internally. It operates for up to more than a year using a pair of monobloc 9 Volt batteries.

In a simple, once-off operation Activity Recorders are user-programmed with a unique registration number. This number is stored in the recorders indefinitely and is used to identify data belonging to each vehicle.

Engine operation may optionally also be monitored by connecting the hour meter cable (HR-25), supplied with the Activity Recorder, to the ignition, oil pressure switch or across an existing hour meter.


VR272R Datasheet

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Vibration Recorder VR272R


The Activity Recorder VR272R is basically the same as the VR272Std. It has been additionally fitted with a 12-position dial switch in its front panel. One of these 12 positions can be allocated at a time.

This dial switch is user-configured to record work conditions like: work categories, breakdowns, different work locations, customers, operators and more. Reports in the system software permit analysis of work-categorised activities.

These units contain a clock/calendar and stores the time and date and activity information when any of the following events occur.

Presence of work vibrations is stored as the average intensity during each minute.
Changes in the state of an external voltage used to monitor ignition or engine running time. Changes in the position of the 12-position dial-switch as used by the operator to identify the type of work or work code.

Download to explain all individual functions of the VR272 range Activity Recorders
Installation Instruction VR272