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  • Tachographs digital or analogue.
  • Accessing its data, archiving and analysis.
  • Download tools, software for the administration and analysis of the downloaded data.
  • Remote download application.
  • Thermo paper rolls for digital tachographs.
  • Tachograph charts for analogue tachographs, storing means for these charts to store theses charts as legally required.
  • Working time accessed by vibration recording equipment inclusive a comprehensive software.
  • This applies for machine plants that works in places like in the building, forestry and mining industry.
  • Display and measuring instruments.
  • Training cases with digital and analogue tachographs for training drivers.

  • Hall Effect type and proximity sender units.
  • Pulse adapter with pulse multiplier and divider function.

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  • The Digidown Terminal enables you to upload the data from any common download tool and the  drivers card directly and sends this data immediate automatically to your fleet manager, where it is most needed. 
  • Digital Tachographs.
  • Software for analysing the data monitored and downloaded from the digital tachographs.
  • Download tools for any of the digital tachographs and driver card.
  • Card reader – the stored data is displayed immediately by the software.
  • Approved thermo paper rolls for the printer in digital tachographs.
  • After successful eight years of selling Tachonova® T-Series software, the successor will be Tachonova® EVA Software.
  • The EVA software stands for:     E = Erfassen= assess, V = Verarbeiten=process, A = Auswerten=evaluate.
  • Therefore, EVA is the new software to asses, process and evaluate the data that comes out of the driver card and tachograph.
  • This new and modern designed software is easy to use, comprehensive featured under consideration of the obligation to observe confidentiality as a legal requirement. By using a new technology, it becomes possible to react faster and more comprehensive upon customer wishes and requirements.
  • All legal requirements are fully and reliably adhered. Significant reports and clearly presented data, saves time and eases the work load.
  • The Tachonova® EVA Software is in the main available to company enterpriser as PC single-user-licence and a multi-user-licence.
  • Analogue tachographs
  • Complete range of charts for all types of tachographs.
  • Chart-Checking-Disc to check tachograph charts upon correct speed recordings.
  • Blind charts to protect the styli when no tachograph chart is in situ.
  • Analysing Disc for analysing the tachograph chart.
  • Analyser with lens and illumination for manual chart analysis.
  • Various means of tachograph chart storage, legally required.
  • The Digidown Terminal enables you to upload the data from any common download tool and the drivers card directly and sends this data immediate automatically to your fleet manager, where it is most needed.


  • By download the driver card and tachograph data via Bluetooth and upload it to the office of the transport manager via mobile phones.
  • By intelligent interface units to the digital Tachograph for Telematics Host Systems.
  • Tachograph drive units for telematics systems work by working on software for remote downloading.
  • Instruments for measuring speeds and distance.
  • Speedometer of various types.
  • Distance pulse counter to ascertain the distance ratio number.
  • Taximeter Tester to check the correct function of the different tariff steps and increments.

YAMS (Yellow Activity Monitoring System) is the solution to low-cost maintenance, fleet management. It is suitable for use on a wide range of vehicle types. These include heavy plant, earthworks, agricultural, trucking, delivery vehicles and more.
The YAMS system helps to find the answer on how is the mobile assets performing for the company.

  • Multi training cases for driver schools training on digital tachographs.
  • These training cases are useful for telematics who work on creating software for remote downloads form the digital tachograph.
  • Proximity sender units for analogue and digital tachographs
  • Mechanical sender units for analogue and digital tachographs
  • Pulse sender unit for taximeters