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  • Analogue tachographs
  • Complete range of charts for all types of tachographs.
  • Chart-Checking-Disc to check tachograph charts upon correct speed recordings.
  • Blind charts to protect the styli when no tachograph chart is in situ.
  • Analysing Disc for analysing the tachograph chart.
  • Analyser with lens and illumination for manual chart analysis.
  • Various means of tachograph chart storage, legally required.


Price available
upon request

Analog Tachograph

EC Tachograph KTCO 1318
for 2 Driver, 125 km/h



Price available
upon request

Analog Tachograph

Modular EC Tachograph MTCO1324
for 2 Driver, 125 km/h



Price available
upon request

Analog Tachograph

Modularer NEC Tachograph MTCO1390
for 7 or 8 days operation, 125 km/h

Tachograph Charts



The quality of our charts is in full accordance with the general environmental conditions of motor vehicles in the EU.

All charts have been officially approved registered and carry its allocated approval number.

All charts comprise of a strong paper carrier upon which the recording layer has been put on. The layer is of utmost importance for the overall quality of the chart, it meets the specification in all respect. The proof of quality is a clean immaculate recording for all standard analysis and for the evaluation in cases of accidents.


The following charts are available:

Road speed only

Speed range

Rotation/hArtikel-Nr.Box/100 charts
100 km/h combi24h100-24€ 3.59
125 km/h combi24h125-24€ 3.12
125 km/h24h125-7×24€ 9.45 10x7
125 km/h24h125-8×24€ 10.28 10x8
140 km/h combi24h140-24€ 3,59
180 km/h Autom.24h180-24€ 3.59
With engine speed recording

min-1Rotation/hPart number
330024h125-3300-24€ 7,46
The correct chart to the matching speed range of the tachograph
Quantity related prices on tachograph chart boxes

Tachograph charts



€ 50,85

per box 

of 50 charts

Blind Chart to protect the styli

A blind chart shall be fitted instead of no tachograph chart:


  • always when no tachograph chart is in its place, 
  • also when no second crew member in case of two driver type tachograph.


Blind charts are available in a box of 50 Charts. Single blind charts are available upon special request.


Recognizing manipulations within the recordings of a tachograph chart

We know it is not always easy and without training and much experience not at all possible. We have long experience over decades in this matter and offer you our special analysis service. When you are in need of expert advice, please feel free and contact us, it will be our pleasure to quote you on your individual case



€ 68.95

Analyser for Tachograph Charts

This genuine Kienzle tachograph analyser disc with locking nose at the rear of the curser comes with a detailed laminated operating guide.

This chart analysing disc has been in the market for many decades and has proven itself in many ways. The accuracy of the analysing disc is given by the precise time graduation of the 24 hours of the day.



€ 402.95
(incl. ASW-003n)



Illuminated Lens OCR-004

This modern design of a lens with an energy saving LED illumination offers a well spread shadow free light for the analysis of the tachograph chart data. The light level degree can be chosen out of three light levels, to suit the required light condition of the given environment. This is realised via the push button switch at the right side. The illumination is switch on by the on/off switch at the left. The push button at the right can only be operated after the mains switch is switched on.

The large viewing field (Ø125 mm) of the lens with 5 dioptres (means a magnification of 2.9 times) and makes reading the recordings on the tachograph chart very easy and comfortable on the eyes.

Lens together with integrated 60 LEDs illumination mounted on a flexible swan neck, means the lens can easily be directed to any desired position. Once the lens is in a position you want it to be, it will stop in this place unless you wish to move the lens to a new position that is serving you better. Placing the analyser in its location and using it has no bearing on the position of the lens.

VOSA/DVSA Certificate

CFF - 001

€ 11.24

Chart file folder - CFF-001

These folders have four pegs. Each peg can take 300 charts. This means you can store one year of charts of 4 drivers in one Folder, at an unbeatable price!



€ 2.93

The round box TRB-001

The box is as round as the tachograph chart, robust and functional. Protecting the chart against dirt and getting damaged. 


Ideal for the driver for safe keeping of the new and used tachograph charts. The good condition of the charts is important for the later analysis of data.